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Life is words in action, literature is action in words.

By becoming a habit, a belief may pass for a truth.

Enter Love, exit Theory of Love.

Sincerity? A serial killer also acts sincerely.

The art of dying is part of the art of living.

Sociology: A branch of primatology.

If only procrastination could be postponed!

One who doesn’t know law thinks one lives in a jungle. One who knows law knows one lives in a jungle.

Alexandre the Great was unable to untie the Gordion Knot. He simply cut it.

You summarise your struggle of 20 years in 20 minutes and your child will remember 2 sentences, which is appropriate.

If life were enough for vitality, there would be no art.

I’m ready for the world. I hope it’s ready for me.

An apprentice is a master in his dreams. A master is an apprentice even in dreams.

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